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Straight Shooter is a patented(#61/205,431) manually operated and cost effective device used to consistently launch balls at different trajectories to... more
The High Desert Mavericks sent Straight Shooter this video proudly featuring their use of our Straight Shooter Baseball Launcher at one of their games... more
The Straight Shooter is a manually operated machine ,light weight portable,This is an example of the great distances and accuracy this machine has.It is... more
When your net is going to be used in direct sunlight, it is best to protect the Nylon sleeve from color fade and fabric degradation. In this video we... more
In this video we show you how to install your Pro Turf, Runner Turf and Putting Cup and Flag Accessories.
At The Net Return we design and manufacture all of our nets right here in the USA.
This video explains in detail how to install Side Barriers on The Net Return Pro Series Net.
Installing The Net Return Target on any of our nets is simple and easy.