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Jim Hibbs On Pitching

Thu, 05/02/2013 - 08:53 - jeff

As a a former MLB catcher (not to mention Olympian and college hall of famer), Jim Hibbs knows a thing or two about pitchers. He understands what makes a good pitcher and what it takes to be a GREAT pitcher. He has been around and caught for some of the great players in the game. He has written two books and helped countless players improve. (You can read more about Jim right here: His passion is baseball. His mission is to share what he has learned over several decades of his involment with baseball played at all levels.

Jim has compliled several Timeless Tips on all aspects of the game. Take them to heart...then practice, practice, practice, or coach, coach, coach.

Jim Hibbs On Pitching:

Above all - THROW STRIKES!
Learn your position like it's your life.
Stay ahead of the count by not being too fine.
Generally jam the hitter standing away from the plate while pitching for the one crowding it.
Stay with the fastball as long as you can, keeping the rest of your arsenal in reserve.
Work fast. The players behind you love it... plus it keeps them on their toes for better defense.
Win on any pitch you can; lose on your best pitch.
Keep the ball down. It is harder to hit worms. Remeber that.
Change speeds. Sometimes slow and slower works beautifully.
Choose control over speed for the best sucess.
Finish hitters quickly on 0 - 2 or 1 - 2 counts. No cute stuff allowed.
Learn to bunt. Good pitchers are good bunters. Bunt everyday in practice and before each game.
Disdain batters. Barely acknowledge them.
Respect Hitters. They're thetoughest outs, so use your head!
Use the whole plate, including the black.
Be a first pitch strike pitcher. Done consistently it puts the breeze at your back.
Work for quick outs to keep the momentum on your side.
Bear down hrdest with two outs.
Practice from the stretch as much as the full windup. Make the stretch as comfortable as the full windup.
Be quick with the hands, delivering to the plateto lessen stolen bases.
Develop a good sidestep plus a sharp pick off move.
Know where to back up, who is covering second while busting hard on any play to first.
Be fearless pitching inside while dirty down outside.
Be on time and prepared to pitch.
Take your time warming up.
Keep your cool by controlling the tempo. Make hitters march to YOUR beat.
Attitude is all. It counts more than money, intelligence, and even education.
Concentrate like you neve thought possible....EVERY practice. EVERY game.

Timeless Tips